You At Your Best

Steve Rapson  
Performance & Platform Coaching with Steve Rapson

Your act is the sum total of you: your material, your voice, your body language, your physical presence, your unique skills & knowledge. I have been a performance coach for public speakers, TV personalities and singers. If you want to build an act that can take you to the next level, I may be able to help you do that.  

To find out if we are a match, a good starting point is: The Art of the SoloPerformer: A Field Guide to Stage and Podium

How It Works

1. Send me an email about yourself: your experience, your objectives, and any issues that you would like to resolve in your performing, but also your successes, what is going right for you.

2. If you have video of your performances, post them on Youtube and send me a private link (or mail me a DVD).  I'll have a look and then we will talk on the phone. If you are performing locally, depending on time of year: Boston Area, Central Massachusetts, Gold Coast of Florida, I'll come to your gig.

3. Together we will identify and agree on The One Big Thing in your current modus to add, delete, or modify. There may be other things, but first things first.

4.Then we will set up an action plan for you.

What It Costs

Before we speak, but after your initial email, buy my book and read it. Write down notes and questions that you have from your reading. Other than that, your first consulting session is free. The book contains my philosophy and approach to building an act that works. If this resonates with you, then after our first discussion we can set up a coaching plan that works for both of us financially and time-wise.

How Long It Takes

If you are a beginner, it will take six to twelve months to get comfortable on stage and to identify what works for you. This presumes that you practice daily and perform in front of a live audience (usually open mikes) at least twice a week, three times is better.

If you are a seasoned performer, you might get it in one hour.  Whatever "it" might be for you. As a performance coach my job is to be objective and help you identify "you at your best."