Not Serious Writing

You may have heard that humor is tragedy plus time. If that is so, I should be happy for life's little travails. Here are a few:


  1. It's All In The Fingers - The best guitar... for you.
  2. Do Not Fall! - Do as I say... not as I do. 
  3. ​​​​Papa's Got A Brand New Knee - I can walk again, it's a miracle. And, as usual, mildly amusing.
  4. Master Of My Domain - A tale from the olden days when the Internet was wild and free.
  5. What Happened On My Bike Ride - My ride didn't turn out as planned.
  6. Pain, Irony, & Humility - I fell off a roof, and the fun began.
  7. At The Walk-In Clinic - More fun at the ER.
  8. At The ER... Again - It's still funny.
  9. Steve & Rosemary Build A Deck - It seemed so easy at first.
  10. At The R.M.V. - Not so bad, and there's a surprise ending.
  11. A Week With The Grandchildren - Good things in small doses.
  12. Listen Up - On the importance of listening. Of course, it's funnier when people don't.
  13. Blue About Blue Zones - Who wants to live to a hundred?